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Marketing and Licensing

Our Core Competence revolves around Technology, Distribution, Marketing and Licensing transactions. We've worked on countless such transactions. In the process we developed the famous Sahakian's Checklists for the most common types of partnering agreements.

These include checklists for: Marketing and Distribution Agreements, License Agreements, R&D Agreements, Manufacturing/Supply Agreements, Outsourcing & Facilities Management Agreements, Guarantees, Letters of Credit, Proprietary Rights Agreements and Non-Competition Agreements.

You can find the table of contents for these checklists here. The table of contents is detailed enough to serve as a checklist itself.

If you find yourself doing five or more of these transactions a month, call us. It may be time for you to stop paying retail and start buying at wholesale... from us.

Ask us for a quote. All it can do is reduce your legal fees regardless of who ends up with your business.


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