Simply Your Complex Contracts

We've found that the benefits of simplicity are self-multiplying. You get more deals done, more quickly, at less cost and frequently on better terms.

It permits us to do more with less.

It also permits us to offer fixed cost quotes without exposing ourselves to excessive risk. Instead of shifting that risk to the client, or taking it on ourselves, we remove it from the equation. 

Want to know more about how we can speed up your company's contract and get more contracts signed sooner and easier?

Ask for our famous FREE 12 Tips on Simplifying Your Contracts and Contracting. We'll share some of our secrets including:

  • Contract Simplicity - It's Much More Than Low Word Count. How to Use Contract Headings, Titles and Defined Terms to your advantage (more important than you might think). How and When to Use an Addendum.
  • Optimizing your Contract around the other side's Decision Making Process. Paying Attention to People Issues. Controlling and Manipulating their Attention. Contract Presentation Techniques.
  • Managing the other side's Lawyer (yes you can do it and we share our techniques).
  • Form Agreements - When to use them and when and when not to.
  • Deal Sheets - a tool that walks you step-by-step through the deal formulation process... and keeps you in control.
  • Replacing Traditional Contract Negotiations with Customer Partnering to (a) build yourself into your customer's business plan, (b) acquire new customers, (c) defend existing customers (d) protect and improve your margins.

Yes, Send me the 12 tips and provide me with more information about you and what you do.



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